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  • Bubly Cranberry wasn’t really on our radar the way, say, Pamplemousse, or any AHA is. Maybe it’s the combo of feeling like Cranberry should be a seasonal offering only, and within the realm of seasonal offerings, should be relegated to a brand that can deftly execute subtly and seasonality. Like Ugly did with their epic […]

  • San Pellegrino recently launched a new line of coffee-flavored Essenzas, hopping on the lightly-caffeinated sparkling water train that left AHA station and has been picking up passengers over the last year or two: bubly, Chirp, Nixie, Limitless, even Signature Selects have all released sparkling waters with about 30-35 milligrams of caffeine. Not one to leave […]

  • “Functional” water is all the rage these days. Which is understandable: between the ceaseless grinding of late stage capitalism, climate change, and pandemia, our souls have become black holes into which we all must pour endless amounts of carbonated Ashwagandha and l-theanine. And it’s getting cut-throat out there in the adaptogen-verse: evil empire PepsiCo, not […]

  • We didn’t believe these actually existed. Show of hands for who has seen these at their local market ever. Yeah, that’s what we thought. Crickets. So we sort of thought we were hallucinating when we saw these on the shelves of a Meier supermarket in the middle of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We don’t […]

  • We recently stumbled upon this brand at our local Bristol Farms, and if you aren’t familiar with this pretentious grocery store, Bristol Farms is a “gourmet grocer” in California, self-described as “Your Extraordinary Food Store”, and it basically has a much smaller selection than a regular grocery store (as if Whole Foods was bizarrely stripped […]

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