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  • We should preface this review by saying that we love Butterscotch. Love. So this will not be a neutral review. Even if this sparkling water were mediocre, we would still be Butterscotch apologists. This is a pro-Butterscotch sanctuary, and if you hate Butterscotch with an undying passion then you should probably see your way out […]

  • This is the last of the Veryvell Truss CBD sparkling water trifecta, and we may have taken a little too long to circle back to this one because it wasn’t our favorite of the three when we initially tried them. That honor would belong to their Blueberry Lavender (which we only recently realized tastes incredibly […]

  • It’s been a while since we last reviewed Aura Bora, purveyors of the most mystical and exquisite sparkling waters known to humankind. Since blowing the minds of bubblenauts everywhere last year, Aura Bora has remained quietly dedicated to slowly expanding and solidifying their presence in retail stores across the land (with a little appearance on […]

  • Did you know that you can send us review requests?  If not, it’s ok, we didn’t know either! But turns out, you can. Because recently we got an email from a fellow Bubblenaut requesting us to review this Apricot LaCroix, and, well, it kind of made our day. We will confess, though, our excitement waned […]

  • The Bubbleverse is currently summering in the Midwest.  While it might sound like we’re in pursuit of some pure, idyllic Americana fireworks-and-hot-dogs summer, in reality we’re recovering from relentless west coast wildfire seasons and droughts, prepping in the woods in search of off-grid living and fresh water supply. Welcome to the Anthopocene! But while we’re […]

  • At this point, we basically imagine the masterminds behind Ugly’s Ltd Edition Flavor Drops in some Charlie Kaufman-esque “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” room, technicians furiously observing the minds of seltzer addicts, trying to pinpoint that sweet spot between Childhood Nostalgia and Guilty Pleasure, in order enthrall us to their products forever and ever. […]

  • Untitled Art is a brand that’s been on our radar for a while now, we’ve just never gotten around to trying them. From their fun, poppy CBD labels to their uniquely designed craft beer, we’ve kind of felt like they were up our alley. Every time you drink Untitled Art, you’re supporting an artist! That’s […]

  • Bubly Cranberry wasn’t really on our radar the way, say, Pamplemousse, or any AHA is. Maybe it’s the combo of feeling like Cranberry should be a seasonal offering only, and within the realm of seasonal offerings, should be relegated to a brand that can deftly execute subtly and seasonality. Like Ugly did with their epic […]

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