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  • Veryvell is the first foray into the CBD wellness space by lumbering giant Molson Coors, better known for their cheap beer than their adaptogenic sparkling waters. But, having seen the writing on the wall and realizing that millennials and zoomers now demand their foods and beverages to be “functional,” aka mildly, psychosomatically stress-relieving to deal […]

  • Let’s all put our hands together and welcome Veryvell to the stage. Veryvell is a brand sparkling new CBD sparkling water, a product of Truss CBD USA. (For some reason Truss, the name of this Molson Coors subsidiary, always enters our brain like Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk!”, and we’re not mad about it.) So yes, Truss […]

  • Nestlé…ahem, Perrier is a brand that we continually feel conflicted about. From its dubious messaging around the veracity of its legendary French springs, to the corporate death star peddling it (yes, Perrier is owned by Nestlé), we just never know if we can fully trust the Fancy Way it wants us to feel. It often […]

  • It’s been a while since we’ve slid down the kaleidoscopic flavor rainbow that is Coke’s sparkling water progeny, AHA. We’ve always found the name AHA to be a little opaque as a choice, not particularly memorable or evocative. We kinda just assume that one day the execs at Coke read a trade piece about LaCroix’s […]

  • We’re diving back into the bubly bounciverse today. Apparently we are powerless before the inexplicably-beloved and irritatingly-subpar sparkling water brand bubly, which sprang into existence when PepsiCo decided that they needed to make more money. We keep going back time and time again, trying to figure out what we’re missing, and enraging ourselves in the […]

  • ever & ever is a brand with exactly one trick up its sleeve: aluminum. That’s right, ever & ever has staked their claim on the same thing that literally every sparkling water can has been made out of for decades. To be fair, ever & ever is attempting to differentiate themselves not in the sparkling […]

  • On today’s Bubbleverse episode, we’re doing a Very Special Nixie. It’s the last in our series of their flavor combos (somehow we’ve missed even trying their solo flavors Grapefruit, Lime & Lemon thus far — we chalk it up to those beguiling sounding match-ups being irresistible vs the idea of pounding yet another Lime). And […]

  • We remember when Voss came into the national consciousness. Yes, we’re old enough to remember the late ‘90s/ early aughts when the tall glass cylinder telegraphed how cool and fancy you were. It was thee cool water. Trotted out at nightclubs with your vodka bottle service, Voss was eye-catching and glam. It said in all […]

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