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  • The third in Ugly’s trifecta of new energy waters, after Mountain Ugly (a Mountain Dew clone) and Fruit Punch (Hawaiian Punch) is…Mango Soda (???). The soda-flavor theme was pretty easy to follow until we got to this one. Maybe we’re living under a sugar-free rock here in the Bubbleverse, but we’re kind of coming up […]

  • We need to talk about Ardor. Their shimmering oculus of caffeinated illumination winked at us from our local Whole Foods shelves a few months ago, and we’ve been entranced by its third eye tractor beam ever since. Who is this mysterious Ardor, and why are their products astonishingly good? We’re enthralled to a sparkling water […]

  • Full disclosure: we like Limitless. We do. But we think the name “limitless” is a little ridiculous for this brand. “Limitless” lol. Like this is some “redbull gives you wings” moment. We’re not exactly sure a sparkling water with 35 mg of caffeine is gonna make us “limitless”, but okay. Sure, Jan. And this isn’t […]

  • As the sun rises on the hills and hollows of the Bubbleverse, the sparkling, effervescent condensation that forms on the trees and grasses of our pristine wilderness trickles in bubbling rivulets down into crystal clear alpine streams. This is the image that mountain dew conjures to our innocent & naive minds, at least. In reality, […]

  • Fruit Punch is one of the quintessential flavors of childhood nostalgia. The name alone can conjure halcyon summers of sticky sodas on fingers, greasy hot dogs and a sense of freedom adult existence can never replicate. That sweet and inimitable tropical fruitmalgam wrapped in our memories as the flavor of innocence itself. So when Ugly […]

  • We finally got our hands on some Waterloo Pineapple! 2021 has been a big year for new flavors of sparkling water, a legit whirlwind of offerings from the giants in the field: Topo Chico, LaCroix, AHA, even San Pellegrino. And into this sparkling maelstrom, Waterloo has dropped the mic pineapple. By and large, and much […]

  • Black Razzberry is the third and final offering in LaCroix’s new 2021 trinity of “summer” flavors, along with Beach Plum and Guava São Paulo. This new LaCroix lineup is a real thinker, the titles of each flavor densely packed with confusing wordplay, the can art exploring new modes of expression for LaCroix’s questionable aesthetic. Black […]

  • Nestlé recently announced it was dumping all of their cheap-ass grocery store water brands (Arrowhead, Deer Park, Poland Spring, good luck out there) to focus on nurturing and cultivating their chosen ones: Frenchy Perrier and fancy Italian Stallion San Pellegrino. Kind of like a Bachelor competition where contestants have been crawling through mud in frilly […]

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